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Long Beach, CA – guide

Police Standoff with one man in Long Beach, CA – SHOOTING

Summertime in the LBC


Long Beach invaded by Space Ship

Protected: I remember how Long Beach police turned an elevator alarm ring into disturbing the piece and then into a wet reckless.

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It is our opinion that the Queen Mary will be replaced with a new attraction.

Queen Mary shutting down is a good idea? Perhaps a new change will bring fresher energy.

Long Beach, CA will get new tourism.

The anticipation of experiencing the Queen Mary is 10X more than the actual experience.

Long Beach, California


Checkout Long Beach from the Boat, taking the trip all through the water. Long Beach, California is a great place to visit, for business, entertainment, and travel. There’s a lot of different events that take place in Long Beach, throughout the year, so keep up to date with the Tourism that takes place. If you are interested in more information for Long Beach, CA Tours, make sure you contact or call us today.

Long Beach Queen Mary



The Famous Queen Mary. The story behind the queen mary goes back many years. It was originally operating, but then had to be removed. Eventually, the recommendation was to turn it into a Tourist Attraction and Events Platform through the year, as you will notice many people visiting Long Beach, CA and touring the Queen Mary. Once you have toured the Queen Mary, you are pretty much done touring it.